Topic #5

A.A. in Print * Service To Others

Newcomers are entitled to know about all the A.A. help available to them. This includes A.A. literature published by A.A. World Services, Inc., which offers a large range of various kinds of A.A. help. It carefully reflects the broadest possible consensus of the entire movement, worldwide not just some individuals personal interpretation or some unique local view.

Pointing out what these publications are and what they contain may be one of the finest services we can give to newcomers, because we are thereby encouraging them to dig out the answers for themselves.

Another gift of knowledge we can pass on to newcomers is information about our Third Legacy of Service, helping them to understand their own role as new links in our worldwide chain of love and service.

It is easy to explain just how A.A. is geared to serve alcoholics after reading about it in the enclosed pamphlet The A.A. Group. In addition, information about the general service structure appears in brief form in the pamphlet Inside A.A.
Conference Approved Literature