Topic #1. How to Stay Away From One Drink One Day at a Time.

When we first come to A.A., many of us do not realize the first drink triggers the compulsion to drink more and more; it deludes us into thinking we can drink another safely, then another and another.

How do we avoid just that first drink for at least one day?

1. The twenty-four hour plan (or one-minute, if necessary) plan.

2. The HALT reminder never getting too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.

3. Sticking close to your sponsor and discussing personal problems with him or her.

4. Postponing the drink.

5. Going to lots of A.A. meetings.

6. Keeping pockets stuffed with A.A. reading matter.

7. Prayer in whatever form the new member prefers it.

8. Changing routines especially at drinking hours to break up the old habit patterns

9. Spending time with other members individually either in person or on the telephone (and especially during old drinking hours.)

10. Spending time in meeting rooms or central offices where A.A.s gather outside of regular meeting hours.

11. Starting work on the Twelve Steps, to fight such threats to sobriety as resentment, self-pity, and the tendency to dwell on the past or the future.

12. ______________ (Can you think of more?)

13. ______________

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